Github: OpenGL 3.2 core Render-library [cpp]

I’ve shared parts of my rendering library on github:

here’s a feature list:

  • OpenGL 3.2 core profile rendering
  • cpp, compiles with gcc & VS 2010
  • cmake project-file
  • focus on Imagefilters via GLSL fragment-shader

Here’s a little code example on the usage:

using namespace SciIllLib;

CFilter fltFXAA = new CFilter();

SFilterEngine::ReGenerateTexture(&m_rtScene, GL_FLOAT); SFilterEngine::ReGenerateTexture(&m_rtFinal, GL_FLOAT);

... render as usual ...

SFilterEngine::Apply(fltFXAA, m_rtScene, m_rtFinal);
SFilterEngine::ToScreen(fltDisplay, m_rtFinal);

Of course it can do much more – load textures, load models, …

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