Video: Spectral rendering on the GPU – soap bubble!

I came up with an idea for a soap-bubble shader!

Two-sided soap bubble thin-film interference

More generally speaking it does dynamic thin-film interference of hollow convex two-sided objects in a deferred rendering configuration. In two passes front and back are rendered and the ray is traced through the object. To give you a better idea I screen-captured my demo-program and uploaded it:

As before all physical parameters of the shader can be changed at runtime (as seen in the above video). Bear in mind, that the program uses OpenGL 3.2 core and runs on my late iMac 2011 – it uses a Radeon 6960M, a mobile GPU.

The cube maps are from Emil Persson and can be found at humus’s textures. The head model is copyrighted to © I-R Entertainment Ltd., taken from Morgan McGuire‘s Graphics Data.

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